Game over heeft een review gemaakt van sim Theme Park. Hier vast een knipsel :The park building is all unchanged, except for some slight adjustments so that people no longer get fooled into paying $1000 to play a game, with a 100% chance of winning a prize worth $500. The method of adding tons of salt to your fries (makes them thirsty), lots of ice in your drinks (cheaper) and lots of sugar in the ice cream (hyperactive) still work, but you don't really need to bother as people seem to drink so incredibly much anyway, and drink shops should be built a few squares apart or your people seem to die of thirst. Building roller coasters is really simple, except that they seem to display some horrible clipping effects, and on most of my roller coasters, no normal human would be able to survive the excruciating G-Forces acting upon the occupants, who should also have their necks snapped several times. Sideshows don't seem to earn much and do a great job in disappointing all the people who lose in them, so its best to built a minimum of them. There is also an added feature of being able to walk around in your park and ride your creations. Though this is not really as much fun as it sounds, it is quite cool for a little while on your roller coasters.