Na de nude patch is er nu ook een sex patch. Voor iedereen die vindt dat zijn sims een beetje saai zijn, is dit misschien het middel om wat meer "leven" in de brouwerij te brengen. Although Sims can get very romantic and even have a bit of a snog, up until now that's been the limits of their cyber-love. But now you can download the Sims sex patch - provided your lovers have a frienship rating of over 90 and are in love (as signified by the little heart next to their picture on the friendship chart) you can choose an option to "make love" from the usual choice of actions you are given. The couple will then get down to it, wherever they are! But make sure they are both in good moods - if one of them has a low mood rating, they'll have a virtual "headache" and lose some friendship points. Please note: you must be over 18 to download the patch. If you are, follow the link and start downloading. Dit is de link