Sim City 3000 unlimited is de naam van de verbeterde versie van Sim City 3000. Hier in komen wat leuke nieuwe fuctie's zoals:

Twee nieuwe sets van huizen

Nieuwe scenario's

Scenario Creator

Het wordt eind mei verwacht. Electronic Arts today announced that Maxis is developing an enhanced version of 1999's best-selling game, SimCity 3000. The new game, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, will feature all the content of the original plus several added features, including two new building sets, thirteen new scenarios, a scenario creator, new disasters, customizable terrain, seasonal city events, and a tool for users to create their own buildings. SimCity 3000 Unlimited is scheduled for release in late May. The two new sets of buildings are Asian- and European-themed. Hundreds of new buildings, from the red-tiled roofs and windmills of a Dutch farming village to the steel and glass buildings of Hong Kong, will be featured. SimCity 3000 Unlimited will also come with over a dozen scenarios, from fighting crime in Moscow to rebuilding in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. Furthermore, people will be able to create and trade scenarios made with the SimCity Scenario Creator. SimCity 3000 Unlimited will also deliver four new disasters. Whirlpools will submerge ships pulling into harbors; pieces of space scrap will fall from the outer space; green toxic clouds will deliver building-dissolving acid rain; and plagues of locust will descend upon farmlands. More details on SimCity 3000 Unlimited will be available soon.