Als je een rollenspelfanaat bent haast je dan naar Tresh's Firingsquad om hun review van silver te lezen, en om wat screens te kijken. Die screenies zien er echt goed uit!Silver's a good game, especially for beginners. Those who want freedom and millions of stats are going to be thoroughly disappointed, but for the casual gamer who might need an introduction to RPGs, this is pretty much the game. Console RPG fans are going to see very many similar things here, though Silver is, again, nowhere as detailed in terms of stats and abilities as Final Fantasy and kin. The game is very light and easy to get into. Don't take it to mean that the game is easy, since it has a few tough points. For most hardcore gamers, I'd recommend something else, though I (obviously) enjoyed Silver. The simplicity is very appealing and definitely a quality that makes it marketable to the novice gamer audience.