Op bluesnews wisten te melden dat de Sid Meier's Dino Diaries zijn gepost met laatste detail van Sid Meier's nieuwste werk. De naam zelf is nog een werktitel. Hieronder een stukje:Inflatasaurus Rex at the dawn of the Maryland ice age The big news for this week here at Firaxis dino headquarters is SNOW (and more snow). We've gotten about twenty inches since Tuesday, kind of like our own mini ice age!

Thankfully, it barely slowed us down. Through rain, sleet, snow or meteor impact, the game must go on.

This week's cool new feature we're trying out in the game is something we call 'emergent mutations'. In addition to the normal mutations that can affect your dinosaurs, giving them added abilities and characteristics, 'emergent mutations' are special unique abilities that arise from the right combination of mutations (such as getting a dino with a longer lifespan if you acquire two other related mutations). We'll try it out this week and see if it's a "keeper." Meer info kan je hier vinden.