Sid Meier, bekend van o.a. civilisation gaat een nieuwe game bouwen met als uitgangspunt dino's. Firaxis heeft meteen een dedicated site gebouwd waar je meer info kan vinden.

Het was altijd al Sid's droom om zoiets te maken:One of my earliest memories as a kid is going to the fair where they had these cool dinosaur-making machines. You would put in a coin, the machine would buzz and squirt some waxy plastic into a mold, and a minute later a still-warm dinosaur would pop out. Now, you could buy a bag with all ten dinosaurs already finished, but I insisted on going around and popping my quarter into every machine to watch each one being made. Even then I was taken with the incredible variety of dinosaurs; one had pointy horns, another a spiky tail, an amazingly long neck, or some nasty looking teeth. After hitting my dad with a barrage of questions, I was amazed to learn that these creatures were real and actually existed millions of years ago. Not quite knowing what a million years was, I figured I had just missed them!