Aangezien niet iedereen de Art of Sushi eten beheerst, laat staan de Art of War, heeft Gamespot een game guide geschreven. Een beetje wijze woorden van Sun Tzsu, wat leuke plaatjes die thuishoren in een Sushi-bar en je hebt een game guide van Shogun: Total War.Inside this game guide you'll find:

Common Terms: Look here for common terms used throughout

Shogun: Total War and this game guide. If you're a beginner to the Shogun: Total War universe, read this chapter as preparation. If you're a veteran, continue onward into the guide.

The Strategic View: In campaign mode, the bulk of the game takes place on the map of Japan. Knowing how to maneuver your armies, build structures, and generate a robust economy are among the important skills required for success. This chapter provides tactics for succeeding at the strategic overview part of Shogun.

The Economy: A successful daimyo pays close heed to a host of strategic elements. To become one, you must keep all facets of your military and economy producing at their optimums. This section comments on each economic skill you must learn to unify Japan under your clan's banner.

The Battle View Setup: While the program is usually quite fair when it auto-calculates your battles, you will want to take the reins yourself most of the time. Fighting battles is one of the main attractions of the game, after all. A reasonably good player will

perform with more aplomb than any auto-calculating general. This chapter will help you become such a player.

The Battle View Fighting: This chapter covers the battle itself and provides tactics for using the camera during battle, implementing groups, creating formations, fighting in skirmish mode, and performing flanking maneuvers.

Intangibles: Characteristics like honor, morale, and loyalty are almost as difficult to pin down in Shogun as they are among real people. Fortunately for our purposes, these ambiguous qualities are represented numerically in this game world. Whether or not you can get our hands on what makes these numbers tick is

another matter. This chapter will help you accomplish this unusual task.

Military Units: Each Shogun military unit type bears certain strengths and weaknesses - exploiting these strengths and weakness is often the key to victory. This section covers Shogun:Total War's military units, including statistics and tactics for implementing the unit in battle.

Historical Battles: Head here for an overview and walk-through for Shogun's six historical battles.

Battle Factors: In this section, you'll find important combat modifiers that the Shogun battle model uses to adjust for factors such as formation, flanking, terrain, and unit advantages.

Cheat Codes: This section includes several Shogun: Total War single-player cheat codes. Waarom doen ze er nu cheat codes bij. Ik heb de laatste tijd zo'n hekel gekregen aan alles wat met cheats en cheaters te maken heeft...

Shogun: Total War game guide.