Op GameSpot UK hebben ze 1 van de eerste Alpha's gehad van dit spel en er een stuk over geschreven. Hier is een stukje met wat shots: The full Campaign mode in Shogun involves you taking on the mantle of Daimyo, or provincial lord, in one of eight traditional clan-ruled areas of Japan. A chooser screen gives a full description of each clan and province and also details the troops you'll start out with. Which area of the three main islands of Japan you choose will determine the game's difficulty level, based on how many common borders they share and how powerful or rich their neighbours are. Each clan area is subdivided into a number of regions and each region has a specific resource flow known as koku - a standard medieval Japanese measurement of rice. Everything you do depends on the amount of koku you have and, as it's a food resource, your coffers will only fill with koku once every four turns - the autumn harvest. For the other three turns you've got to apportion your koku resources to suit your immediate and long-term needs - be they erecting buildings or training troops.

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