Computer Games Online heeft een preview van het zeer goed ogende strategy spektakel (wat dacht je van 5000 vechtende japannertjes tegelijk op je scherm?) Shogun online gezet. Je kan de preview hier vinden.Between the strategic and tactical segments of the game, Creative Assembly has implemented around 100 principles from Sun Tzu's timeless military treatise, The Art of War. "We were looking around at sources of information that the daimyos would have been using during this time period," Fitzgerald explains, "and found that even though The Art of War was 2000 years old at the time, the Japanese had acquired it from the Chinese and were reading it. "We used as many of these rules of war in the game as possible—it's great because they're already very numeric. Sun Tzu may say that if you outnumber the enemy by a ratio of 4 to 1, you can use a certain tactic, but if you only have 2 to 1, you should use this other strategy instead. All logic. Sun Tzu could have been a programmer. And this way, we can take advantage of what amounts to 2500 years of AI testing. That must be a record."