Onze collega's van Gamespot hebben een behoorlijk uitgebreide preview gemaakt van het strategy spektakel Shogun. Ik vond de Demo igg zeer indrukwekkend, laten we hopen dat dit spel de verwachtingen waarmaakt.During the game, beautiful FMV sequences illustrate the results of your ninja attacks, diplomatic events, and other important occurrences. You may end up skipping these after you watch them once or twice, but they are stunning nonetheless. The map board is exceptionally well rendered, as are the individual game pieces. The game is not perfect, however. One slight annoyance pops up when moving these pieces: It is often very difficult to line up game pieces when attempting to stack units. This problem also arises when you try to move diplomatic units onto a rival daimyo or castle or when you try to move army units into a castle (which does not even appear to be possible, for some reason).