Billy van Voodoo Extreme maakt een eind aan de geruchten dat Shiny bezig is met een op The Matrix gebaseerd spel:Ok, although it has been denied before by Shiny, an English print rag posted a story about Shiny making a game based on the movie The Matrix. This is NOT the case. I just spoke to Dave (who is in Europe, but that didn't stop him ) and he told me that we should ignore ANY news reports that say Shiny ARE making a Matrix game. Right now, Dave emphasized, Shiny is 100% focused on finishing Messiah and then Sacrifice. Thanks again Dave, you da man! Seriously guys, Dave is kind of a bud, and you can trust me on this one, they are not working on a game based on The Matrix (this is not to say that they won't in the future, who knows...this wasn't brought up).