Het spel Shenmue is voor de Dreamcast (heb ik niet) en is volledig in het Japans (ken ik niet.) Maar dit is een van die spelen die, als ze in het Engels uit komt, er voor zorgt dat ik opeens een Dreamcast thuis heb...What would happen if you decided that for once, instead of making a game, you would write a story, place it in a fully realized world, and then make it playable, without any restrictions? That is what Shenmue is - it's a box of 4 GD-Roms that contains the following: One (1) story and one (1) complete city. You control the life of a citizen of this city, and become part of its story. The role you assume is that of a young man named Ryo. He's your average teenager; he's got a girl he likes, a Sega Walkman, a Saturn, and a swank leather jacket. His dad is a martial arts teacher, and while he has no mother he does have the equivalent of "Alice" from the Brady Bunch. So one day he's coming home and sees his father's dojo sign broken. Skip ahead five minutes, and he's seeing his father killed. A Chinese man in green gets away in a big black car, and that's where you take over. Okee, dan maar Japans leren...'Konnichiwa'