DailyRader verwent ons vandaag met zo'n 50 MB aan filmpjes en 21 nieuwe screenshots van de 50 gulden kostende game Serious Sam.

Er zijn al vele discussies over deze game geweest, wat het grappige gevolg had dat sommigen dachten dat de game kwalitatief minder zou zijn omdat hij 50 gulden zou gaan kosten. Eerst wil iedereen goedkopere games, is dat - is het nog niet goed Serious Sam is nothing more than an unapologetic throwback to the original Doom style of FPS. There are no scientists to find, no deliveries to be made and practically no plot. However, in the gameplay department, this is the most fun we've had in a long, long time. A seemingly endless line of enemies literally appears out of thin air, and blowing through them is a blast (pun intended). The Serious Engine powering this game can handle tons of enemies at a time, and most of the landscapes and textures are stunning. Assuming the full build lives up to these standards, FPS junkies will have a new addiction. Om alles naar binnen te trekken, surf je door naar dit adres.