DailyRadar had een interview met de makers van het (nogal vreemde) Serious Sam. Deze 3Dshooter heeft een aantal klasieke elementen uit games als Doom en DukeNukem in zich en hoopt zo die fans naar zich toe te trekken.DR: Is there a villain? What's he like? Is he serious too? RR: Yes, there is a villain. In a way. It is an immortal being named 'Tah-Um,' or Notorious Mental, which is devoted to eradicating all civilized life in the galaxy. Is it serious? Depends how you look at it. It is a serious problem for sure. That is, it is a serious problem to everyone except Sam. DR: We've seen the Egypt level; what more can we expect from the full game?

RR: You will travel from Egypt to stellar system of Sirius. There will be some weird planets with lava, ice and water environments you'll have to visit. We want to provide people with some good-looking places where they can fight. And. of course, everything is bright. For those not in the know, the Serious Sam Test takes place in a wide open and brightly lit Egyptian-themed level -- making it the brightest shooter in memory.De graphics zien er op dit moment nogal ruw uit en ik hoop dan ook maar voor ze dat ze dit nog een beetje op gaan poetsen willen ze de rest van de 3D-shoot'em up fans achter zich krijgen.