Haven Games maakte een preview van het nieuwe spel van Croteam, Serious Sam. What's the premise of the game? You, taking the role of Sam "Serious" Stone, have traveled back in time to assassinate an evil geezer named Tah-Um. Why? Just for fun. Actually, this Tah-Um guy has plans of destroying every Earth-dweller in the future. He's enlisted the help of his alien minions to help him in his task, and you've got to mow them over before you can get to the goods (Tah-Um). In the test, you've infiltrated a huge temple, and you need to get from where you currently are, to a different section. You need to find a little stature and insert it into an altar. Sounds simple enough. However, along the way, you'll find various rooms with huge numbers of enemies, reminiscent of Doom.Je kunt de rest van de preview hier lezen. Wil je de screenshots zien klik dan hier.