GA-Source heeft een Q&A gehouden met de makers van Serious Sam. GA-Source omschrijft het spel zo:3D arcade-action shooter heavily focused on frantic arcade-style single player action. [break]Begrepen? De demo moet deze pasen nog gereleased worden.[/break] What is the scope of the Serious Engine? Does it provide support for playing sounds, for input, network and other miscellaneous tasks. The engine does not handle only rendering. It is a thoroughly complete framework and handles game requirements from the bottom to the top. It starts by wrapping most usual tasks in simple-to-use C++ classes to offload programmer work, and completes with intuitive and easy to use editors and custom scripting language based on C++. Base functions handle lists, relations, strings, autoanimation, several flexible and completely automatized types of arrays, streams, group file (packfile), console, input (mouse, keyboard and joysticks) and lots more. Integrated mathematical library with support for vectors, matrices and quaternions, handles projections, BSPs, bounding boxes and similar. Sound support includes custom hand-optimized MMX mixer with 3D effects and external MP3 decoding support. etc, etc.

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