Op Croteam is de wekelijkse update verschenen over de laatste ontwikkelingen over Serious Sam 2, de opvolger van de succesvolle mindless-action shooter.

Nu SS 2 bijna af is en over een weekje of 2 in de winkels wordt verwacht zitten de mensen te wachten op nieuws over deze game. In de update is te lezen dat er op dit moment nog druk wordt gewerkt aan de verbeterde deathmatch in de game en de laatste bugfixes. We are proud that SS (tm) is well received and regularly followed by our fan base of around 8 million. Since last Sunday when we opened Serious Hotline at AskPinky@croteamdotcom, I was getting large amount of emails with positive reaction about my position as Lead Serious Sunday writer. To thank everyone, we will include in credits all people who are reading it, either on our or other sites on the Internet. Don't worry I'll know who you are.

On not so important note, about The Second Encounter development, we worked with guys from AFSL in tweaking and better incorporation of Seriously Warped Deathmatch into TSE code and setup. Also, we received excellent feedback from our publisher and beta testers with bug reports. We are doing as much as we can, but both SWDM and bug fixing/polishing/testing are going to take more time than we anticipated. We were also busy with creating Deathmatch levels. DM levels will show features of Serious Engine and will be fun to play.

On a similar note, we tweaked some performance issues on some levels, also Davor did a new Technology level. Did I mention that we did play DM levels alot? Between you and me, I am unbeatable with sniper.

Hopelijk is de titel snel klaar en kunnen we opnieuw gaan genieten van Sam in Serious Sam 2: The Second Encounter.