Atletiek games, zo vaak zie je ze niet. Track and Field is in dit genre nog steeds een begrip. Misschien de moeilijkheid om zoveel sporten de simuleren in één game weerhoud makers ervan om atletiek games op de markt te brengen. Waarschijnlijk is het meer een geld kwestie, maar Sergei Bubka kan de atletiek fans niet meer ontnomen worden It has been an absolute age since I have played a "track and field" style game on a home computer, with my

last memory being "Hypersports" on the Spectrum 48k!

Even with today's swanky new arcade games, with their technical wizardry and complex gameplay, I will still seek out the good old joystick bashing of "Track and Field". It has always been such simplistic fun, and curiously addictive, and it usually only costs 10p too!

Athletics games on the PC have been few and far between though, but with the Sydney 2000 Olympics almost here, the inevitable influx of titles is upon us. Midas' Millennium Games is endorsed by none other than Ukranian born Sergei Bubka, World and Olympic record holder in the Pole Vault. With modern 3D graphics technology to

further back the game up, my expectations were high as I dusted off my running shoes, and headed for the track...


Millennium Games is certainly good entertainment, with great graphics and enough variety to keep you coming back for more. The controls can be extremely unfair, making it nigh on impossible to catch up with the computer players at times, andthe fussy nature of the throwing and jumping events will infuriate.

The inclusion of a two-player split-screen mode is a huge bonus though, and plays surprisingly well. LAN play is also supported for up to eight players, only make sure you warn the neighbours in advance! I would have liked to have seen a few more events thrown in, but I

guess that is just the Hypersports addict in me.

Not bad at all - go decimate your keyboard now!

Keyboardrape of niet, atletiek games zijn wel fun om te doen