Sega is sinds het voorlopig Napster vonnis hard bezig ROM sites aan te pakken. Al meer dan 200 sites zijn gesloten, en Sega is op het moment hard bezig Swapoo, een Napster-achtig ROM uitwisselings programma, af te sluiten. Echter gaan ze niet voor de 17 jarige maker van het spel, ze denken meer geld te kunnen halen aan de hosters van zijn site:This would be considered one of the sites we would be going after. We will do everything possible under the law to shut them down," he said of the profusion of Internet sites that allow the distribution of copyrighted Sega games.

[...]Sega's first approach in these cases is to contact the company hosting the Web site, Delfield said. When faced with the choice of going after "a 17-year-old who posted a site or a large corporation who would be financially liable if they do not remove this content, I think it's beneficial to go after the hosting company," he said.

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