Sega heeft een deal gesloten met Infogrames.

Infogrames is verantwoordelijk voor UEFA Striker. Nog steeds een van de beste voetbalgames op de Dreamcast.

Aangezien Infogrames de rechten van de UEFA heeft, heeft Sega een deal gesloten, zodat hun eigen game(Sega Worldwide Soccer) nu de officiële licentie kan gebruiken.

UEFA Dream Soccer wordt een spel dat voorkomt uit UEFA Striker en Sega Worldwide Soccer 2001.

En hopelijk pakken ze uit beide games de goede punten en krijgt de Dreamcast eindelijk een TOP voetbal game.

Het werd wel tijd.

Sega of Europe today announced another exciting collaboration with one of the world's largest interactive publishers. Sega of Europe have entered a co-publishing agreement with French giants Infogrames to bring UEFA Dream Soccer (formerly known as Sega Worldwide Soccer 2001) to the Dreamcast on December 8.

This unique and inspired deal will allow Sega the full use of the UEFA licence, making UEFA Dream Soccer the only officially licensed football title available on Dreamcast this Christmas.

Commenting on the co-publishing agreement, Michaël Sportouch, Vice President of Infogrames Sports, said: "Following the success of UEFA Striker DC in Europe, Infogrames and Sega are glad to be partners for the release of UEFA Dream Soccer DC in December."

UEFA Dream Soccer is currently being developed by Silicon Dreams, who have a healthy track record in football titles, having previously created the Worldwide Soccer series for Sega. Gavin Cheshire, Managing Director at Silicon Dreams, commented that:"Everyone at Silicon Dreams is excited about working with UEFA again, and the prospect that the addition of this collaboration has to our extremely innovative multi-gender soccer title."

Kazutoshi Miyake, Sega of Europe's Chief Operating Officer, said:"This game is truly a unique title. Not only do we have an endorsement from UEFA but we also have game modes never before seen in a football game, as well as all the traditional modes. UEFA Dream Soccer will appeal to traditional soccer game players and to gamers who enjoy arcade games."

Game features:

Photo-realistic male and female player models, each containing 2,500 polygons.

Facial expressions and animation that brings the players to life.

New skeleton system that enables an increased number of "bones" per player, which allows them to move, perform turns and bend more realistically.

In-house developed "MotionMorph 8-Point" animation blending system that allows instantaneous blends between animations, resulting in fantastic visual flow and instamatic ball control.

Choreographed sequences directed by the industry's leading motion capture directors.

Over 200,000 brand new ultra high-resolution motion-captured frames using the "Viacon 8" state of the art motion capture system.

Immersive and highly detailed stadiums from around the world that contain around 5,000 polygons each.

Dynamic ball animation that is attributed to the players' actions.

Enhanced AI and Logic system to reproduce the feeling of the real game.

Internet connectivity to Sega's Dreamarena.

Full-screen PAL, supporting both 50/60Hz and VGA output.

TV and radio commentators from four European territories for real-time commentary. English commentary by Helen Chamberlain, Alan Green and Barry Venison. [List foreign commentators for territory specific press releases].

Multi-player mode - up to four players simultaneously.

Fully localised into English, German, French and Spanish, available on separate masters.

New user-friendly 3D Graphical User Interface.

Unique arcade-styled game modes for challenging gameplay.

The VM, Vibration Pack and Arcade Stick are all supported.Het ziet er veelbelovend uit.

En hopelijk krijgt de Dreamcast dan eindelijk de voetbalgame die het verdient.