Al gaat Sega zich terugtrekken uit de gameshardware, toch gaat er een breedband adapter op de markt komen. Ook in Nederland staat er internet voor de Dreamcast op stapel. Distributie van software zal gebeuren dmv de grote softwareketens.If there is one thing that should enhance the browsing and gaming experience online for the Dreamcast, it would have to be the broadband player that will see some light very soon! For $59.95 you can purchase a broadband adapter for the Dreamcast on January 2, 2001 which will allow users of games among other things to play at a high speed connection! That's right, say goodbye to lag for the frag fest and say hello to kick ass technology! Stay tuned as Segadojo gets their hands on this adapter which we will thoroughly test this baby out! Misschien dat we dan ook met Internet Explorer op de Dreamcast kunnen surfen.