Mpzone kreeg de kans om Scott Miller eens goed aan de tand te voelen over Duke Forever en Max Payne. In het interview komen o.a. de releasedate's, status & gameplay aan de orde. Zeker de moeite waard om even door te lezen › mpz: What would you say to people who are comparing Max Payne/Duke Nukem Forever with games like Daikatana(games that are overhyped, delayed and delayed, and are unable to deliver what was promised).

› sm: Deep content oriented games with a well integrated story and cutting-edge technology take a longer time to make than most other games. It's really that simple. Some games, like Daikatana, might have taken a long time to make, too, but didn't quite work out for the best. These things happen, but that doesn't mean that other developers shouldn't try to do their best, regardless if it takes a year or more longer.

› mpz: Where are you in the game developing process with DNF and MP? Are you still adding new features or are you just polishing them off(bugfixing etc.)

› sm: With both games some features are being added, but mostly the levels, characters, scripting and voices are being done.

› mpz: Can you say something about the actual status of MP and DNF? ;) We all know they'll be done when they're done, but maybe just a little hint? ;)

› sm: Both games are looking fantastic and very much on the cutting-edge of anything I've seen released, or that will be released in the next year (DOOM 3 is well more than a year out).

› mpz: What can you say about the system requirements for MaxFX? Will you need a Geforce II to play MP on the highest settings???

› sm: Peter Hajba, of Remedy, has said that it MP should run with all the goodies at a good resolution on a 700Mhz Athlon qith 128MB RAM and a GeForce card. He has also said you can run MP properly(with low-resolution and low-detail) on a 450Mhz Celeron with a TNT2 card.

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