Sacrifice is naar mijn mening toch wel 1 van de games van dit jaar, met zijn prachtige graphics en gameplay is het goed ontvangen door de pers en het publiek. Avault komt nu ook met een review aanzetten. (beetje laat vergelijken met de rest) I have a confession to make. Since the days of the original Starcraft, my interest in the real time strategy genre has waned to near nonexistence. Almost every title released in this genre follows the same basic mould in that you gather resources, build units, and then lead your army forth to war -- using tactics that will hopefully wipe out the opposition. Very few real-time strategy titles have deviated from this basic formula with any success. There are, from time to time, mild innovations like Dungeon Keeper 2 that provide normal strategic entertainment from altered vantage points, but few games in this vein could be touted as anything close to groundbreaking -- until now. Shiny Entertainment was blessed with a vision of something that -- if successful -- would forever alter the standard by which real-time strategy offerings are made. Sacrifice is the culmination of this dream, throwing unique gameplay and unrivaled visuals together for a mixture previously unrealized in the electronic entertainment industry..

The world of Sacrifice is one of fantastic magical power and mysticism. According to the ancient texts, the Creator -- in a strangely Biblical sense -- gave some of his own life-force to give birth to the world and all its creatures. Everything was peaceful until the Fallen One predictably came with destruction and chaos in mind, somehow managing..

Weer een zeer positieve reaktie over dit spel en dat is natuurlijk niet zo raar. Shiny heeft goed ze best gedaan op dit spel en toch zeer effectief gewerkt met een klein team. Ik hoop dat ze zoiets vaak overnieuw zullen doen en er gaan "geruchten" dan Shiny bezig is met een Matrix game.

Of dit zo is zal de tijd ons vertellen. Je kan deze magische review hier lezen.