Natuurlijk het laaste deel van deze 5 weken en ditmaal is dan ook Pyrus aan de beurt, de god van het vuur.

Dus ben jij beetje een heet hoofd dan is dit je perfecte god. Fire wall: No, fire wall isn't a handy server that keeps unfriendly hackers at bay. This spell creates a massive wall of fire that can prevent your enemies from escaping your wrath or keep them from attacking your vulnerable forces. Enemies who touch the wall will have their energy rapidly depleted and find their mobility severely handicapped.

Rain of fire: A favorite of gods past and present, this biblical spell parts the skies and calls forth a shower of fire and molten rock. Creatures caught underneath this barrage will most assuredly die an excruciating death.

Blind rage: Blind rage creates within its victims an inner fire that sends them into a blind fury. Creatures affected by this spell will tear each other apart in an attempt to quell their maddening tempers.

Volcano: Easily one of the most visceral and visually pleasing spells in Sacrifice, volcano will raise a fiery mountain from the earth that spouts forth hot rocks and globs of lava into the air and then down onto the enemy creatures below.

En nu maar wachten tot de game komt.