Sommige mensen vinden Stratos wel de domste god is van allemaal, vanwege is opgeblazen balloon. Maarja dat mag de pret niet drukken, Stratos is god van de lucht.(Ook mijn favo maar dat maakt niet uit )

Gamespot is aangekomen bij het vierde deel van de god details, het schiet al op dus. A few weeks ago we kicked off the first segment in our five-part coverage of Shiny and Interplay's upcoming 3D real-time strategy game, Sacrifice. With each update, we've been profiling one of the five gods in Sacrifice, taking a look at the spells and minions the gods afford players who choose to stand by their side. We've also been updating the Sacrifice gamespace with screenshots that are specific to that week's god. Lastly, each feature has premiered the voice of its respective god. This week, the spotlight falls on the god of air, Stratos, who rules over the land of Empyrea. Stratos truly believes he is the greatest of all the gods in the world of Sacrifice, and he claims to be master of all things elemental and celestial. Wizards who choose to follow Stratos won't have the luxury of strength and will instead have to rely on grace and skill to vanquish their enemies.

Look out! It's going to pop! Volgende week zal Pyrus, god of Fire aan de beurt zijn.