Jaja, ditmaal het derde deel en dit maal gaat het over Persephone, god van het leven. Ze behandelen zoals elke week de toverspreuken, de wezens en natuurlijk de persoon zelf.Today we kick off the third segment in our five-part coverage of Shiny and Interplay's upcoming 3D real-time strategy game, Sacrifice. With each update, we've been profiling one of the five gods in Sacrifice, taking a look at the spells and minions they afford players who choose to stand by their side. We're also updating our Sacrifice coverage with screenshots that are specific to that week's god. Lastly, each update includes a voice sample of its respective god. Shiny has only recently finished recording the dialogue in the game using the impressive pool of voice talent it managed to line up. We've already taken a look at the game's god of strife, Charnel, and the god of earth, James. Today we're profiling a unique deity in Sacrifice: Persephone, the god of life. Persephone rules over the land of Elysium, a world of rolling hills, lush forests, and fertile plains. She is a loving god who cares for her followers as if they were her own children, and yet she is swift to exact revenge on any who stray from the enlightened path. Persephone seeks only peace but will resort to violence and enact justice in its pursuit.

Het duurt niet lang meer voordat deze nieuwe game van Shiny het licht ziet. Shiny maak over het algemeen toch wel "rare" games. Een aardworm, een engeltje die zich in een anders ziel kan plaatsen en nu Sacrifice. We zijn erg benieuwd.