Vorige week hadden we het eerste deel van de gods. Toen was Charnel aan de beurt, nu is het James ze beurt. James is god of Earth ditmaal alles over deze god ze spells etc. James is geinspireerd door Earth Worm Jim ook een creatie van Shiny. Hier is de feature over James te vinden.

James, god of earth

Last Friday, we kicked off the first in our five-part coverage of Shiny and Interplay's upcoming 3D real-time strategy game, Sacrifice. With each update, we'll be profiling one of the five gods in Sacrifice, and we'll be taking a look at the spells and minions they afford players who choose to stand by their side. We'll also be updating the Sacrifice gamespace with screenshots that are specific to that week's god. Lastly, each feature will be premiering the voice of its respective god from the impressive pool of voice talent that Shiny has recently managed to line up. In the spotlight this week is James, the god of earth. Look familiar? James is a tribute to Shiny's original mascot, Earthworm Jim. He's a self-proclaimed simple god who is happiest just watching over his followers. James rules the world of Glebe, a world of rocks, dirt, more rocks, and some more dirt. He wants no part of grand quests, and he certainly isn't a troublemaker. If your wizard allies with James, you'll be guaranteed protection and a solid foundation from which to build your skills - a foundation of granite, that is.

Ik merkte ook gelijk op dat de release datum is gewijzigd tot 28 oct. deze maand nog dus een maand eerder dan was geplanned. Er is alleen nog geen GoneGold teken gegeven aan de pers helaas. Wel zijn de beta test eergisteren afgerond. Goed nieuws dus allemaal voor de Sacrifice fans. Such as me..

I am James, God of Earth. You know, rocks and soil and stuff. Some nice gems too. It's not all brown and gray you know. Just… mostly.