gaat voortaan elke vrijdag, vijf weken lang een god beschrijven. Deze week is het de god Charnel, god van de dood. Ze behandelen zijn toverkrachten en de beesten die hij kan oproepen. Ook kan je voor het eerst zijn stem horen. De profile van deze god is hier te lezen.


Players who choose to follow Charnel will gain knowledge in the blackest of arts. Most of the gruesome spells below are designed to hurt and maim and don't outright kill your enemies. You'll start with a few relatively weak incantations, but as you grow in power, so will you grow in favor with Charnel, who'll grant you the knowledge of more powerful spells. Below is a complete list of spells available to players who pledge allegiance to Charnel:

Speed up: This spell provides a quick burst of evil energy to any creature that you target, including your own wizard. Speed up is the perfect spell for a quick getaway.

Insect swarm: One of the first spells you'll master, the insect swarm will summon a venomous cloud of bugs that relentlessly attack any targeted enemies. The damage inflicted by these insects will in turn heal you.

Heal: Although Charnel finds traditional healing to be disgusting, it's an unavoidable necessity. The heal spell will rejuvenate the health of your wizard's minions, which will allow them to continue to spread pestilence and disease throughout the world.

Protective swarm: Similar to the insect swarm, this spell summons a cloud of insects to encircle and protect you and your minions. These bloodsucking bugs will attack any creature foolish enough to venture too close, and any damage inflicted by the insects will heal you in turn.

Slime: This spell covers nearby enemies with a dose of venomous slime that not only slows them down but also reduces their attack effectiveness and lets you inflict additional damage on them.

Animate dead: The animate dead spell is the fulcrum of Charnel's necromancy. It lets you raise your fallen minions so that they may fight once again.

I am Charnel, God of Strife, Lord of Slaughter, Master of Death. Where there is pain, I am there...

Dit hoor je onderandere bij het geluidsfragment volgende week de volgende god.