Diamond heeft tools gemaakt waarmee je high-resolution textures in quake 3 kan krijgen met een S3 videokaart.S3TCsetup can convert BMP (24-bit), TGA (24-bit), TGA (32-bit with Alpha channel), TIFF and JPEG into .DDS files (=direct draw surface). This format is used by the special Quake3 pre-compressed S3TC levels shipping with the Viper2. dmmQ3Radiant is an enhanced Q3 S3TC Level editor, the normal Q3Radiant can't handle .dds files..... so Diamond made a special version. Quake3 can't use .dds files either by default but quess what: the new dmmQ3.exe does recognize .dds files. So, this is a complete package for making special S3TC levels for Quake3 : ) Zoals je misschien al gezien hebt, heb ik de links al in de quote verwerkt.