Hier een interview met John Brothers van S3 (je weet wel die gasten van die videokaarten)1. It has been a while since we last spoke, so there is a good chance that a lot of our readers don't know who you are. Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do at S3? I'm the VP of Architecture and my team works mainly on 3D graphics architecture though we also did the video architecture in the existing products. I've been at S3, Incorporated for 6 years and started out as the software manager on the ViRGE project, then led the architecture development for the Savage architecture and now we're working on the next thing. 2. How have things been going with the purchase of Diamond? Have you found any difficulties in bringing them into S3? What types of changes have been made internally since? From my vantage point, it was a very smooth integration. We'd worked with Diamond for many years and knew a lot of the people there already and we were located in the same area. There have been two main impacts that I can see, both good. One is that S3 people now have more awareness of the retail board business, including non-graphics products and we think more in terms of the final board product than we used to. The other impact is that we now have some other businesses that have a lot of potential for growth. S3 has wanted to diversify for many years, but it's been tough to do with so much attention and energy consumed by the graphics chip business. With the Diamond merger we got into several promising new areas of business overnight. For the Diamond employees and former DIMD shareholders, S3's assets give a chance for those new businesses to succeed. Vind het hier