Crosscut Games heeft de prijs voor Runesword bekend gemaakt. De onafhankelijk gemaakte RPG zal voor $19,95 te downloaden zijn via internet. Voor $5 extra krijg je het spel op cd. Voor dat bedrag krijg je ook nog eens een constructionkit, help avi filmpjes en 1 compleet hoofdstuk genaamd Ethernia I: The Land Beyond.RuneSword Features*

[bullet]Fun, deep roleplaying experience

[bullet]Free future expansions

[bullet]Turn-based, strategic combat TTNWN

[bullet]Easy, pick-from-a-list scripting TTNWN

[bullet]Object-based, enabling cut and paste components anywhere TTNWN

[bullet]Supports all created material across adventures TTNWN

[bullet]Enables creators to create unique races, spells, monsters, magic items TTNWN

[bullet]Allows user-created graphics, music, and sound effects TTNWN

[bullet]Vast library of pre-made components

[bullet]Automatic tome adventure generator from components TTNWN

[bullet]Automatic map generation

[bullet]On-the-fly tile swapping to show destruction, other effects TTNWN

[bullet]Over 30 skills to choose from

[bullet]Geared for collaborative work because it's object-oriented TTNWN

* RuneSword features that Neverwinter Nights lacks are noted by a TTNWN: "Take That, NeverWinter Nights." NeverWinter is the big league competition, a future product of Bioware, makers of excellent software. Luckily, they also seem to have a sense of humor. In the interest of fairness -- we're not really interested, but let's pretend -- the specs of Neverwinter may change, and they do have multiplayer. Je kan er meer over vinden op de homepage