Alle Runers die problemen hebben met hun framepjes worden weer eens geholpen door Tweak3d. Tweak3d had laatst al een Deus-Ex tweakguide geschreven en nu was het de beurt aan Rune. Beide spellen draaien op de Unreal engine en daar kan je veel aan tweaken.


Now you can make that once-empty threat of beating someone to death with their own limbs a reality. While to some Rune is nothing more than just a simple hack n' slash gore fest, no one can deny the game's sense of adventure and playability. The only problem is that the game seems to run choppy on even some of the best of machines. This Unreal engine-based game is much like the others needing that little bit of attention to run just right. While this guide isn't totally different from our Deus-Ex and Unreal Tournament guides, there are enough differences to have you decapitating smoothly in no time.

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