Op Actiontrip hebben ze een preview geplaatst van het door de unrealengine gepowerde Rune. Hier is een stukkie: Rune is a 3rd person action adventure, based on the stories from the Norse mythology, and powered by the already tried and proved Unreal engine. When asked about if the game will feature some RPG elements, like character development, Ted told us that the weight of the title is definitely on the action and adventure end of the scale. However, folks at Human Head are keenly interested in seeing Ragnar's character develop as he goes through the game. This will be attended to through the story, through weapons and shields upgrades, and of course, through player experience. Designers will not be stressing a heavy-handed RPG-style of player advancement/maintenance. Rather, they very much want to keep the game as “non-interfacey” as possible to allow for greater action/adventure immersion. The action in Rune will take place in an equal mix of indoor and outdoor environments (Unreal Engine being known to handle outdoor scenes rendering well). Viking villages, ancient ruins, giant caverns, vast plains, the works.

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