Bij xtreme network hebben ze een preview van Rune online. Rune is een 3d action/adventure gebaseerd op Noorse mythologie en deze maakt gebruik van de Unreal engine.One of the things Chris was quick to point out was that there are no Medikits or Health Vials in Rune. Do you find those lying about in real-life? No. In order for Ragnar to replenish his health, you have to do what you would do in and drink. By drinking beer and eating food you find lying around in the taverns you explore, you boost your health so you can fight another day. If there are no taverns about, you can always feast on, say, a lizard climbing a wall. Simply knock it off the wall with your sword so it falls to the ground, and then delight those tastebuds!Bekijk hier de rest van de preview.