Altijd pijnlijk als je hard aan project werkt en iemand loopt er mee weg zonder te betalen. Vooral met software gebeurd het vaak en bij het spel Rune is het niet anders. Er is namelijk al een "full version" te downloaden. En daar waren ze niet happy mee bij Human Head Studios.It looks like some people are trying to spoil the party for Human Head Studios, as a full version of the game has apparently reached the warez community. Human Head's Tim Gerritsen posted on the official message board with a lenghty letter to those pirates to let them know that their actions are not to be tolerated. Here is a snip:

When you steal, you are directly robbing money out of the pockets of these people. No matter how you justify it to yourself, you are stealing when you download a game. There are names and faces behind this game, and we are not some far off corporation of drones with lots of money who wouldn't mind a little copying here or there. Piracy definitely hurts us. We are a VERY small group working on this game, and whenever you steal, it makes it that much harder for us to make great games in the future. In a very real way, you are harming the industry as a whole, and our ability to put the games out that you enjoy so much.

We are not so naive to think that no one will pirate our game. We know that piracy is a fact for every game out there. We've heard all the lame excuses. We know how and why it happens, but I wanted you to know who directly you are screwing, so that it is not so easy a thing as to think it hurts no one. You have stolen directly from the above hard working people who made this game.

Human "i break your Head if you don't buy my game" Studios. Maar ze ze hebben natuurlijk wel gelijk.

Rune Message Board.