Eén van mijn favoriete RPG sites is niet meer, na iets minder dan 4 jaar houdt RPG Net ermee op. Deze site had altijd gevatte artikelen en informatie over het RPG genre. Derek Major, webmaster af van RPG Net geeft zijn relaas....Final Farewell

RPG Net recently was told by eUniverse Inc. that they are closing their affiliate department. This means RPG Net has no home and no revenue coming in through advertisements.

We have been down for sometime as we prepared for a re-launch and were to do so last week, however my father passed away and this delayed everything. We were ready to re-launch today, however I decided today that I no longer have inspiration to run an RPG site.

RPG Net was once a great site and will always be in my heart as the first project on the web. RPG Net would be turning 4 years old in April, the 12th, which is the day to be exact.

I have changed in many ways since the site originally launched and that is one of the largest reasons for this decision. In the future I will of course end up doing something with www.rpg-net.com and I will be able to create something fun, useful, and something that I enjoy.

We experienced many great times with our feature in Ultra Game Players magazine. We've enjoyed stints with UGO and most recently eUniverse's Gamer's Alliance. Many individuals have contributed to RPG Net in the past and I thank them for their support.

Zeer jammer vindt ik dit, vooral als je leest wat er allemaal over die gast is heengekomen. Dat wens je niemand toe. Alles wat ik kan zeggen is: Derek, stay cool and good luck!