Loopy Landscapes Ligt Lekker in de mond met al die eLLen . Maar naast het lekker in de mond liggen is het ook nog eens een puike addon voor Roller Coaster Tycoon. De game waarbij je een heel pretpark moest bouwen en managen.The good part about Loopy Landscapes is that it doesn't fix those problems either, but instead gives you new environments like Arctic islands, desert and medieval schemes, new rides and shops, as well as a whole new

set of scenarios to tackle. Alright, so maybe the Jet Skis are pretty much exactly like the rowboats, and maybe a T-Shirt stand isn't exactly the sort of thing that gets you out of bed in the morning… but add all of those things together, along with the fact that this

includes Corkscrew Follies, and the fact that you just can't get your coaster fix anywhere else for a while, and you've got yourself a must-buy product.

All in all, Loopy Landscapes is exactly what you'd expect. Solid and fun, but nothing that changes the boundaries and rules of the original -- that's what the inevitable sequel, and some 3D graphics are for. It's a great bargain, and full with enough hours of gameplay to make this a no-brainer purchase for anyone who's crafted the perfect park in Roller Coaster Tycoon. On a related note, those of you that purchased Corkscrew Follies

can send in the proof of purchase from that game to get a $10 rebate towards the purchase of Loopy Landscapes. Just click that link, print the form, and you're on the way to happiness. De Loopy Landscape review Link