Gamespot weet te melden dat er een 2e expansion pack uitkomt voor de nog altijd populaire simulator Roller Coaster Tycoon.Today, Hasbro Interactive announced Loopy Landscapes, a new expansion to Roller Coaster Tycoon. The best-selling game's UK-based creator, Chris Sawyer, has been working on the follow-up for some time, and it is expected to be ready to ship next month.

Unlike Corkscrew Follies, the first official expansion released by Hasbro last year, the main attraction in Loopy Landscapes isn't new roller coaster choices. Instead, it brings a number of other building options for rounding out your amusement park. New rides and shops include the Jet Ski ride, T-shirt stands, and doughnut vendors. Six additional park themes provide new scenery choices, including an urban park and a winter park. Among the 30 new scenarios are several real-world amusement parks from England.

Hij zal in September uitkomen $29,95 dollar gaan kosten.