Na Quake 3 Vs. Unreal Tourney heeft GamesDomain nu Rogue Spear vs. SWAT 3 in de aanbieding. In the red corner fighting in the white shorts....:Because the games have a different focus, which may appeal more to you is something only you can decide. SWAT 3 presents a better game than Rogue Spear, mainly because of a superior AI and the way that your enemies will be placed differently every time you play a mission. It gives SWAT 3 a replayability factor which eliminates the negative points the game gets for only having 16 missions. Rogue Spear has two more missions and some multiplayer only maps but the variation in enemy positions is far less. The multiplayer makes it the obvious choice if you're looking for a game to play with friends, but SWAT 3 provides a better solo experience. The AI of your teammates and enemies is superior to that in Rogue Spear and this combined with the superior communications gives a feel of better control and of a more rewarding experience. While Rainbow 6 created the genre, SWAT 3 needed only one attempt to steal the throne and Redstorm needs to pull some serious rabbits out of the hat in order to retake it.