De eerste review van de nieuwe add-on voor Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, genaamd Urban Operations, is online. De volgende dingen zijn nieuw in de add-on:Of course, if you're reading this review, you probably want to know what Urban Ops has that Rogue Spear doesn't. The most obvious addition is that of the new urban missions, but there are many more added extras that make Urban Ops such a great purchase. In the multiplayer department, Urban Ops adds a new mode entitled "Defend". Defend mode is a cooperative mode where you and your team have to stop terrorists from hitting switches. The terrorists will barrage your base with ammunition until they have hit the switch or you have taken them all out of commission. It can be quite fun, although I was disappointed that it was a cooperative-only mode, as I think it would make for great fun as an adversarial mode, similar to UT's Assault maps. The computer AI has gotten much more complex since Rogue Spear. Terrorists can now, for example, toss frag grenades at varying accuracies and distances. That makes it a lot harder to have a bunch of snipers camping in one spot. If you were a fan of the original Rainbow Six, you will be happy to know that five of the original Rainbow Six maps have been added back to Urban Ops.