De mannekes bij Eurogamer hebben een reviewtje geplaatst van Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear. Lees hem hier helemaal!Rogue Spear throws you into the near future, 2001 to be precise. The former Soviet Union is falling apart at the seams, plagued by terrorists and mostly controlled by the Russian mafia.It is your job to keep the mess from spilling over into the west. Working as part of a secret multinational special forces group known as Rainbow, you will be called upon to plant surveillance devices, rescue hostages, kill terrorists, and blow stuff up.All of this will no doubt be familiar to fans of the original Rainbow Six, but for newcomers to the series such as myself it can all be a bit confusing, as you are thrown in at the deep end.Ze geven het spel een 8. Oja, ze hebben er ook wat screendumps bijgezet!