Bij piestactics ( wat een naam ) hebben ze een preview online van Rogue Spear: Covert Operations Essentials. CovertOps komt in het 3e kwartaal uit en zal ongeveer 65,-- gaan kosten. ( $29,95 )

So what makes Covert Ops so unique? Redstorm has taken a rather unique approach to producing Covert Ops. In order to produce a game package that would be slightly different from the previous four Rainbow Six products, they created a multimedia product involving two portions. Basically, the first CD of the two CD set is a multimedia package consisting of everything from reference material to movies. The format consists of first a multimedia ensemble and then a series of tests so that can be trained in the ways of counter-terrorism. The tests range from equipment discussions to CT history (from 1970 to the present), and include tactical puzzles, in-game practice, and image recognition. Lees er hier meer over..