Voor degene die het nog niet weten, het volgende deel uit de Rainbow Six serie krijgt de naam Covert Operations Essentials, ook wel Covert Ops mee. Dit wordt een naslagwerk en een game ineen. In het interview op Rogue Spear.org kom je alle ins en outs van deze game te weten van Paul Schuytema:7. How do you plan to incorporate both a game and informative content into one product? That question almost answers itself when we consider the audience-fans of the Rainbow and Rogue games. As developers, we have sort of a unique spin, having been writers, researchers and academics as well as game developers. That puts us in a unique position to sculpt an interactive journey through what some might think might be just stacks of dry content. The first order of business is to make sure that the content isn't dry at all. Our CT focus certainly helps, but it also takes careful writing and research to deliver the juiciest bits of “insider information” in an engaging fashion. The next task was to design an exciting and intuitive way to interact and navigate within COE. We're not talking “plain jane” browsing here at all, but rather dynamic, visual interfaces that make the player want to explore and play within the content. Finally, it took blending our “fictional foundation” of a training tool with a “game-centric” testing system which provides players with a direction (as well as clear-cut goals and challenges) through the myriad touchpoints of COE's content. 8. I understand that players can take tests on the knowledge gained from Covert Operations Essentials? How is that going to work? The fictional foundation of COE is that it is a near-future, computer-training device (called a “Secretary” in military jargon). Players take on the role of an officer candidate who is currently a member of a CT team (like the Rainbow team) and is training for a promotion that will allow him/her to take on a leadership or command role in future CT operations. Each primary “study thread” has a number of short CREs (Competency Review Exams), followed by a comprehensive exam. These tests are styled after actual military tests and will challenge to player to use the materials in COE to research before diving into a test (which will be closed-book). If a player performs well on a test, he/she will earn a “competency ribbon.” Performing well on the comprehensive test within a thread will earn a CCRE medal (Comprehensive CRE).