Amar wees mij op een aantal screenshots van de nieuwe add-on voor rogue spear op gamesmania. Urban Operations is de naam. Ook heeft deze site een kleine preview gemaakt.Urban Ops will continue the theme of anti-terrorist actions in international settings. This time players will be journeying to the tenements of Mexico City, the canals and buildings of Venice, and the streets and markets of Istanbul (Not Constantinople). There will be a total of five new single player missions. Because of the urban nature of the new levels, there will be civilians wandering around--watch your fire. New multiplayer levels include some that sound pretty exciting--a Prison, aChemical compound, Bunkers (this was original included in the Rogue Spear patch), Construction storage site, Train tracks, Maze, and appropriately enough, a Graveyard. There will also be a new multiplayer mode--Defend.