De veelbelovende Unreal Tournament MOD RocketUT is uitgekomen. Na de release is er ook gelijk een patch uitgekomen van 1 Mb om enige bugs te fixen.Here it is! Rocket Arena UT v1.0 is ready for release. A couple notes on this version. Please read the documentation! There is a lot of stuff in there that will help you get your game set up and running properly the first time. There is also information for server operators. One bit of extra info for server operators. Make sure that if you use RocketArenaUT with the Bonus Pack that you make RocketArenaMultiMesh in your ServerPackages. That will make the bonus pack meshes show up properly. Thanks to Stefan 'Eavy' Daniel Schwarz and Mike 'Mongo' Lambert for programming help on the project. Thanks to Shane Caudle and Steve Garofalo for art. Big thanks to Cliff Bleszinski, Warren Marshall, Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino, Eric 'Ebolt' Boltjes, Rich Eastwood, and Sidney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger for maps. Finally a huge thanks to David 'CRT' Wright for letting us do the mod! This is where I step out! I've got to get back to working on Epic stuff as we start working on our next game. Mike 'Mongo' Lambert is going to take over from here and he's got a great idea where to take the mod. Aside from fixing the bugs that you report, he's going to be adding more gametypes and more features. We've also got a few mappers like Willhaven working on additional maps for the next release.