PlanetQuake meldt ons dat de code van Rocket Arena 3 klaar is en dat er nu alleen nog maar getest moet worden en de schoonheidsfoutjes eruit gepoetst worden.Rocket Arena 3 went code complete this weekend, marking the first major milestone before release. Basically what that means is that all of the initial features are done in the code, and only bug fixes and minor code changes will be made from now until release. The initial release will have almost everything RA2 had, and quite a few new features as well. Other major features are already on the drawing board for future versions Now that the code is complete, there are two major steps left before release: content completion and beta testing. The mapping is coming along quite well, and many of the mappers are putting the finishing touches on their arenas. Several are ready for beta already, or will be by the end of the week. I'll also be working this week to finalize the selections for the soundtrack. Tons of awesome music has been submitted, and it's been difficult to narrow the selection. If you sent in music, rest assured I've heard it and will get back to you soon. No predictions on release yet -- we want to make sure the first RA3 release is as solid as RA2 was -- but everything is starting to come together. Damn, kan niet meer wachten! Meer screens vindt je hier.