De mannen van Gamespot hebben een preview geplaatst van Rock, een spel wat eigenlijk veel genres in een stopt.Despite its name, development house SingleTrac isn't content with only one game genre. With Rock it's planning to combine three genres into a single game, giving unprecedented freedom to gamers, allowing them to go easily from piloting a spacecraft, to manning a huge Mech-like assault robot, and to running and gunning in a standard first-person shooter style.

Imagine a game where you can jump into a starfighter, dogfight your way to a Martian plain, hop out, toss a grenade in a Mech to kill the pilot so you can claim the assault robot for yourself, rampage across a warzone in your new weapons platform and finally jump out and enter a building, knocking off some guards before you plant explosives to level it - and all of this without any load screens to stall the action.