Vandaag viert 3D Realms de vijfde verjaardag van Rise of the Triads, destijds met stip de beste 3D shoot'm up (damn, firebombs en drunken missiles zijn nog steeds errug bruut - ik denk aan alle broertjes, zusjes, buurmeisjes en klasgenoten die ik de dood in gemultiplayerd heb ): Today is the 5 year anniversary of Rise of the Triad, our 3D action shooter released on December 21, 1994. This game was groundbreaking, with several innovations that were copied in games that came after it. Some of the items that were used first in Rise of the Triad before any other game were: Parental Lock of objectionable content Random game enemies (the same enemy wouldn't always be in the same spot when you replayed the game) Non linear episode progression (ending one specific level wouldn't always take you to the next one) Jump pads (used most recently in Quake III) Bullet holes in walls Ability to jump on top of objects in a game Live Remote Ridicule (insult people in a LAN game using a microphone - forget those built in insults!) Enemies that play dead instead of just dying immediately. Rocket jumping Capture the Flag There's a lot more than this, too. A lot of these don't seem like much, but at the time, most of these things hadn't yet been seen in a 3D action game. If you're into ROTT and game history, then you owe it to yourself to check out these pages: 1."Rott in Hell" - The definitive history of the best deathmatch game of all time (by Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen) 2.ROTT Worship Site - Up to date goings on with ROTT from a fan perspective. Rise of the Triad was a game that had the largest amount of user level editors created for it (there were four that we're aware of). Not only that, Rise of the Triad was the first game that we released the same level editor that we used to make the game to the public! Not all that long ago, we released six levels for Rise of the Triad that had never been released (well, freely) before. If you missed these levels (The Lasersoft levels), make sure to check 'em out. If you've never played ROTT before, or you have played ROTT before, why not break out the game and give it a whirl again in honor of it's fifth birthday? The shareware episode (as well as all the other files mentioned above) are available from our Master Download page. Check it out, and get retro! If you're interested in more history of this sort, check out our Milestones & History page, as well as our Detailed Release History page.