Pc.Ign heeft een interview gehouden met Rick Goodman van Empire Earth. Deze Rts game die erg verwacht wordt door Ign zal Q1 volgend jaar gaan verschijnen en volgens Ign een "nieuwe wereld" openen. Rick Goodman zat er niet alleen om de vragen te stellen ook Stefan Arnold de designer van Empire Earth.

IGNPC: Will resource and city management be as time consuming as it was in Age of Empires?

Rick Goodman and Stefan Arnold: The design philosophy behind the economic side of the game has been this: once the player has gotten his or her economy rolling, it should take care of itself with minimal intervention. This doesn't mean players can't micromanage if they want to, they just shouldn't have to.

To this end, we've added a lot to the game to make setting up your economy simple. Take your citizens, for example. They're smart. Once they build a new Settlement – which is used primarily for dropping off collected resources – they know to start collecting resources. When they build a granary, they know to then plant a farm and start farming. For those occasions when a citizen is left with nothing to do, there is an idle citizen button so you can find the slacker and put him or her back to work. Units also have an Explore button, which when pressed sends a selected citizen or soldier off to explore the map on its own – sort of a “fire and forget” explorer. This is really handy; it can be a micromanagement time saver!

IGNPC: What happens to old units when a player graduates into a new era? Do they stay in action? Are they retired? Can you upgrade them to new units?

Ik ben toch wel benieuwd wat deze game zal gaan bieden. Ik speel veel RTS games en kijk toch altijd even wat een andere game de bieden heeft.

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