Sharky Extreme's Jon Simon heeft de console van SEGA, ook wel genaamd de Dreamcast eens nader bekeken.Yes, the DreamCast is a console, and at $199, it's inexpensive for new cutting edge console technology. For less than the cost of an SDR SDRAM GeForce, it plays games with speed and graphics quality that would take an $800 computer to match. But it's more than just a console. WindowsCE compatibility enables the DreamCast, with its included modem, to browse the web (note: get the keyboard first!) and communicate over the Internet. It's the hottest console on the market now, so if you didn't get what you wanted for the holidays, it could be just the thing to meet your hardware fix.

Zoals altijd op Sharky is ook dit een zeer goede, uigebreide en informatieve review die zeker door iedere gamer gelezen moet worden.